NEXT Run Begins 09.12.2016

Every day that passes is gone forever, yet your camera gives you the opportunity to record that vanished day. Join this online class and discuss how to photograph every life event, including the (seemingly) ordinary moments. Together, we will explore the broad genres of family photography and bring it in closer, down to the very small details you are likely to forget. Come away from the workshop with a plan for the everyday, the special days, ideas to stay motivated, and a system for keeping everything in order.

Workshop is entirely online and runs for 4 weeks.

You receive:
6 PDF's
12 Videos
1 Set of Collage Templates for Photoshop and Lightroom
Instructor Led Q/A for Each Lesson
Weekly, personal, assignment feedback from both Melissa and a teaching assistant

Week 1: Everyday Photography
Week 2: Extraordinary Day Photography
Week 3: Getting in the Frame and Family Portraits
Week 4: Photographing the Passage of Time



Do your kids love peeking on the back of your LCD? Have they shown an interest in borrowing your camera? Do they like to take pics of their own on the iPhone? Whether they are 5 or 15, we know photography has become a part of your children's lives. This ebook is written by five photographers - who are also moms - together to develop accessible, kid-friendly instruction and activities that will give you an effective approach to begin sharing your love of photography with your children.  
The breakout can be used effectively for weekend projects, as an after school activity, or as part of a homeschooling curriculum. Each age group has a number of projects and exercises that will help them unleash their creativity and practice their new skills. Additionally, many of these activities can be performed in pairs or groups, so feel free to do these projects with you child or to let siblings work together!  
The materials are divided into five sections, by age.